Central Filter Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Our strengths


Our strengths

Ability to meet customers’ needs

We do everything from choosing the optimal element to designing and producing the casing, all in line with customers’ needs (including special-order products). We can accommodate all legal and plant requirements.

We offer a comprehensive array of capabilities, allowing us to supply products ranging from rough strainers to membrane filters, and from pre-filters to HEPA filters, regardless of whether you need to filter a liquid or gas.

From design and manufacture to after-sales service

For liquids, we can offer products up to and including ultrafilter (UF) membranes and reverse-osmosis (RO) membranes using products from group company Daicen Membrane-Systems Ltd.

We also design and manufacture systems that combine UF and RO membranes with a variety of filter elements.Additionally, we provide after-sales service, including maintenance.