Central Filter Mfg. Co., Ltd.


  • Ultrafilter membrane mineral water manufacturing devices

    Unheated MCFS type sterilization systems that use UF membranes are used to manufacture natural mineral water.

  • MCFOZ type high-concentration ozone water manufacturing devices

    MCFOZ type high-concentration ozone water manufacturing systems are used to manufacture beverages and food products.

  • Dioxin removal devices

    These cartridge type filter membrane module systems are used to remove dioxins. They can provide wastewater treatment using high-pressure cleaning.

  • MOLSEP UF clarification devices

    These hollow fiber ultrafilter membrane module systems are used to clarify liquids. They can be used in place of conventional coagulation/settlement and sand filtration systems to clarify water.

  • MOLSEP spiral type modules (reverse-osmosis membranes)

    We’ve supplied more than 1,000 of these reverse-osmosis systems, which deliver exceptional reliability and economy, to an extensive range of customers.

  • Weakly acidic sterilized water manufacturing devices (E mizu killer)

    These devices use the carbon dioxide gas dissolution method to produce weak acidity by regulating pH level. Applications include sterilizing raw ingredients and cooking implements.

  • Bioplorer microorganism rapid countingdevices

    Introducing a new concept in microorganism counting. Bioplorer performs simple, high-precision microbe count measurement in about 6 minutes.

  • Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) sterilization water refining devices

    These systems produce an antibacterial/anti-odor solution with powerful sterilizing capability by dissolving chlorine dioxide in water.