Central Filter Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Product information, services, and technologies

  • What kinds of products do you carry (and what are their characteristics)?

    Resin and metal cartridge filters and casings
    Coarse dust, medium-performance, and HEPA filters and casings for use with gases
    Membrane filters (MF, UF, NF, and RO)
    System products (automatic strainers and unit products using UF membranes, NF membranes, and RO membranes)
    Membrane filters (MF, UF, NF, and RO)
    Related products

  • Can you choose a filter for us?

    If you can provide information about operating conditions (fluid, treatment volume, pressure, operating temperature, and filtration accuracy), we can select the optimal filter element and casing and provide a quote. We can also select only a filter element.

  • Is your sales area limited?

    No. Our sales representatives are assigned by area.
    East Japan (from Hokkaido to Shizuoka): Tokyo Sales Division
    West Japan (from Nagoya and Hokuriku to Okinawa): Osaka Sales Division
    The Overseas Sales Division is responsible for overseas inquiries.

  • Do you accept orders for single filter?

    Yes, depending on the type of filter element.
    Please get in touch, and we’ll have a sales representative contact you.

  • Is it possible to replace a filter from another company that we're using now?

    In general, it’s possible to replace filters as long as they're not special-purpose parts.Please get in touch, and we’ll have a sales representative contact you.

  • Is it possible to conduct filtration tests?

    Our Technical Center can carry out small-volume table testing.
    With regard to filter service life and other tests, we can provide test-use casings and filter elements for use in on-site field testing.

  • Can you clean a filter from another company that we're using now?

    Yes. If you desire, we can also measure the condition of the filter after cleaning. (Bubble point and airflow resistance measurement)

  • What kind of after-sales follow-up service do you offer?

    Sales representatives make regular visits.
    Central Maintenance, a group company, offers services including replacement of filter elements as well as system product service for related parts and pressure gauge calibration.

  • How can I get a catalog?

    You can either download a catalog from our website or contact us to receive one from a sales representative.


  • What type of quality assurance structures have you put in place?

    Our Quality Assurance Department tests products before they are shipped.
    In the event a customer encounters a problem with a product during use, we will investigate the cause and propose a solution.
    ※If we are responsible for causing the problem, we will repair or replace the product in question.

  • How long is the typical filter’s service life?

    Service life varies with the type of filter, filtration precision, and contaminant volume. Although we can suggest a service life as estimated based on past experience, such figures do not constitute a guarantee of filter performance.
    Consequently, we recommend field testing if maintenance (element replacement) cannot be easily scheduled.

  • How do your products differ from those of other companies?

    Because we serve the fine chemical and medical fields, we focus on ensuring products are clean.
    Additionally, an extensive track record (and associated expertise) allow us to provide products on a special-order basis that other companies would find difficult to produce.

  • What consideration do you give to housing safety?

    We draw on the experience with applicable laws and plant projects that we've accumulated since our founding to design and test products while exercising care to ensure that specifications are not excessive with regard to safety.

  • How should we choose a filter?

    If you can provide information about your specifications (operating conditions), a sales representative will select the optimal filter and contact you.

  • What are your product warranty terms?

    For casings, warranty terms are determined at the time of order. However, accidents caused by acts of God such as natural disasters fall outside the scope of warranty coverage.
    Other issues not covered by product warranties include use in contravention of design conditions (such as flow rate and temperature), damage resulting from improper storage or maintenance, and modification without consulting with us.
    For filter elements, we do not guarantee service life. However, we will replace any filter element that is found to exhibit clear damage or deformation in shape at the time of delivery.

Cost and quotes

  • How are products priced?

    For filter elements, prices vary widely (from hundreds of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen) based on the material and filtration precision.
    For casings, prices range from resin products that cost about ¥10,000 to special-order metal products (as needed to satisfy legal requirements or accommodate high pressure levels) that cost more than ¥10 million.
    Please get in touch, and we’ll have a sales representative contact you with a filter that meets your operating conditions and its price.

  • Can you propose cost savings?

    We always strive to lower costs. If you provide information about your current installation, we will propose whatever cost savings we can identify.

  • Is there a fee for getting a quote?

    There is no fee for quotes.

  • How can I order and pay for products?

    We’ll discuss the method of payment at the time of order.

  • How long does it take to get a quote?

    It depends on the specifications.
    Although it takes about two to three weeks to compile quotes for applications that require legal- or plant-compliant casings, it takes from one day to one week to provide quotes for other applications.

Delivery times

  • How long does it take for an ordered product to be delivered?

    For filter elements, standard products in inventory can be shipped on the same day, but build-to-order elements take about three to four weeks. For casings, standard products in inventory can be shipped in three to four days. Please contact us for more information about delivery times for build-to-order products.